Monthly Archive:: May 2010

Meeting Work

It’s hard to sit through local government meetings, sometimes;the largest problem is that they tend to go round and round for long periods of time without resolving anything. That happened at the meeting I covered last night, which at one

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If you've failed Patrick Stewart, you know you've failed

So, that’s an auspicious start for my return to blogging, right?


I’m very excited about WCHL’s Quiz Bowl this weekend, for which I’ll be serving in the role of Alex Trebek/Bill Schiffman.  It’s gonna be on live on Saturday

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Back to Blogging on Mother’s Day

It’s really a shame that I pay for this space, and don’t actually use it. So with that in mind, I’m trying to kickstart my content production here on May 9. As a jumping off point, I’ll add some thoughts

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