So today is the second day of the PBEO Job Fair at the Winter Meetings of Baseball. It’s a long, slow day for most job-seekers, punctuated by periodic trips to the interview posting room and the job posting room to see any updates. I’m passing the time by recording the first of a few Winter Meetings podcasts (I’ll put that up later today) and writing and printing new CD labels, cover letters and resumes.

One of the challenges here in San Diego is that the job-seeker workroom is a long way away from the job posting and interview posting rooms. In past years, the trek has been considerably shorter, making the whole process more efficient. While you’d think a little walking would hardly hurt, making the trip a dozen or so times over the course of the day gets a little tiresome.

Monday is typically the busiest day of the job fair, with the largest number of job postings over the next three days. On Tuesday, the pace slows significantly, and the time crawls by on Wednesday, with most teams having completed their interviews already. Maintaining focus (and sanity) is definitely a grind, so everybody does their best to stay sharp while still passing the time.

A few sights from this week so far:

Lots of fruit on that boat.

Lots of pineapple on that boat.

The hotels and convention center are right on the water, with lots of shipping concerns nearby. This Dole ship was so close, I could almost swim out and make a fruit salad.

Bud Selig and Dick Enberg

Bud Selig and Dick Enberg

One of the coolest things I’ve done has been the Minor League Baseball banquet, featuring awards and honorees across MiLB. This being Bud Selig’s last Winter Meetings as commissioner, he came out to be interviewed by legendary Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg. Oh yeah, and the food was good, too.

Anchors away...

Anchors away…

Also near the hotel and convention center: a lot of personal boats. The yachts lined up along the marina are frequently opulent and gorgeous, and this was a perfect example. It looks like it rivals the Ohana on Bravo’s Below Deck for style.

More to come later! Thanks for reading.

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