Interviews with Clearwater Threshers

A very fun interview from 6/20/13 with Chris Serritella

Interview with Hoby Milner on 6/12/13

My Reel!

Ignore the old web address…you’re here already!  Three standups, a live shot, and a few stories I did at Syracuse.

My Sportscasting Reel!

This is me, anchoring local and national sports highlights for June 23, 2009 at Syracuse University. Thanks to everybody who crewed this.

My Anchoring Skills!

Done at Syracuse University, in Studio 1. Thanks go out to everyone who crewed and reported, and my co-anchor, Leigh Paterson, who made me look so much better because she’s incredible.

My Directing Reel!

This is a show I directed in summer classes at Syracuse.  (I’m the one barking out all the orders on the audio.)

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