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Winter Meetings Update #2: Job-Hunting Boogaloo

So today is the second day of the PBEO Job Fair at the Winter Meetings of Baseball. It’s a long, slow day for most job-seekers, punctuated by periodic trips to the interview posting room and the job posting room to see

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Verlander’s Fearsome Game 5

Justin Verlander, in case you hadn’t heard, absolutely wrecked the Oakland Athletics Thursday night in the decisive Game 5 of the Divisional Series.  Over a complete game, Verlander allowed just four hits and a walk, fanning 11 batters and thoroughly

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Well, actually, I’ve just added an interview from the 2011 season that I did with the excellent Corey Ragsdale, infield coach for the Hickory Crawdads.  You can listen to it on the audio page.

That’s the page you access by

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2011 World Series Predictions

Well…this was unexpected.  Look back to the beginning of the season, and you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who predicted a St. Louis Cardinals-Texas Rangers World Series matchup.

The Cardinals were down Adam Wainwright, one of their two aces, and

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Theo Epstein’s Boston Legacy

It has been a disappointing couple of months for Red Sox fans.  The epic collapse of the team in September was only a precursor for a tumultuous beginning to the offseason, starting with Terry Francona’s departure from Boston.  Though most

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